Bicicleta eléctrica todoterreno Quest 1

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Color: White

Presentamos la bicicleta eléctrica todoterreno Quest, la compañera todoterreno definitiva. Con sus neumáticos gruesos y su tamaño reducido cuando está plegada, esta bicicleta eléctrica está lista para conquistar cualquier terreno. El Quest ofrece una conducción suave y eficiente, mientras que el motor de cubo sin escobillas proporciona una aceleración potente. Además, su portaequipajes puede soportar hasta 180 libras, lo que lo hace perfecto para todas tus aventuras. Prepárate para explorar como nunca antes con la bicicleta eléctrica Quest Off-Road.


Neumáticos: neumáticos anchos Kenda de 26"x4,0"

Horquilla delantera: horquilla de suspensión hidráulica de aleación

Palanca de freno: palancas de agarre de aleación de aluminio con interruptor de apagado del motor y campana

Acelerador: Acelerador de medio giro con interruptor de ENCENDIDO/APAGADO

Luces: Faro y luz de freno

Faro: Luz LED de 48 V con cable impermeable

Luz trasera: Luz trasera de freno

Rueda libre: rueda libre de 7 velocidades

Cuadro de bicicleta: cuadro de aluminio 6061

Empuñaduras: empuñaduras ergonómicas duraderas de imitación de cuero

Freno: frenos de disco mecánicos de 180 mm

Sillín: asiento ergonómico con asa de elevación

Potencia: Promax MA-5935

Palanca de cambio: palanca de cambios Shimano de 7 velocidades

Cadena: cadena KMC

Pedales: pedal de aleación con reflectores

Guardabarros: cobertura total delantera y trasera

Radios: acero inoxidable calibre 12, negro

Color: White

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2-Year frame battery and 2-Year battery warranty.

Rider Review

The folding design saves space and is easy to carry. It can still ride very stably in harsh road conditions such as deserts. The front and rear frames carry heavy weight and can accommodate a lot of things.

--Frugal Off Grid


Estar donde está la acción

Ya sea en las calles de la ciudad, en una ruta de senderismo en un parque nacional o en una fogata en la playa, una Baicycle puede llevarte allí.

Neumáticos gruesos y suspensión delantera

Para el viaje más suave posible

Batería extraíble y recargable

¡Recorre hasta 70 millas con una sola carga!

Diseño ergonomico

Para un viaje cómodo, en todo momento

Back and Front Loading Rack

Can carry up to 120kg

2000lm Smart Headlight

Suitable for night riding

Adjustable Seat

Designed for different heights

750W Powerful Motor

Tackle steep inclines more easily

Reduzca la marcha hacia la aventura

Fabricamos bicicletas para cada forma del cuerpo, sin importar cuán grandes o pequeños sean tus muslos.

El hilo fino y el tamaño cómodo permiten retirar fácilmente incluso los pasadores de cadena más resistentes.
Agregue una breve descripción para esta pestaña
Agregue una breve descripción para esta pestaña

⓶ Luces inalámbricas

Cada punto de contacto se ha perfeccionado para garantizar que cada mujer disfrute del viaje más cómodo posible. Un sillín más ancho, manillares más cortos.

3 riding modes

☑Long Battery Life

A long battery life allows electric bikes to travel greater distances on a single charge, providing riders with extended range and increased flexibility for commuting, recreational riding, or longer excursions. Cyclists can explore more terrain or complete longer trips without worrying about running out of battery power.

Easy assembly

☑Package Include

With the majority of assembly completed prior to delivery, riders can enjoy the convenience of minimal setup required upon receiving their electric bike. This saves time and effort compared to fully unassembled bikes, allowing cyclists to start riding sooner and with less hassle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dominic Thompson
Amazing bike

I have been a regular bike commuter for years. I bought this bike to reduce my commute time, as I start work very early. It has cut my time from 1 hour to 40 minutes, so I am pleased. Also, everyone I have let ride the bike comes back with a smile on their face.
My only criticism is with the assembly instructions. It mentions turning the handlebars while keeping the fork still. That is fine, but it should mention that you need to tighten the two screws on the handlebar stem afterwards. This could be very dangerous if it is not done. The instructions do mention a general "make sure all screws are tight" at the end, but specific tightening instructions would be better. Also, the rear fender was all of the way down, keeping my back wheel from moving. Not a big deal, but I removed the rear wheel before I realized what the issue was.
Still, very happy with the bike for commuting and easy trips around town. Nice to not have to "gear up" to ride to dinner or drinks with friends.

Sofia Martinez
Amazing ebike

Ramblas is a truly amazing bike. The power you get from that motor uphills is really impressive. And being a small mid drive it’s very efficient. Did a 20 mile ride in ECO and still had 80% battery. All day rides are definitely possible with this bike. Coming from an Aventon Aventure, I can’t believe how lightweight and easy to maneuver it is. A great upgrade from my first e-bike. Can’t wait to take it out again!

Aaliyah Harris
Great experience!

Order, delivery, and first ride were amazing. Customer support was very helpful and prompt with questions I had about the bike. Great experience! Looking forward to riding many miles.

Lucas Ross
Great ride

Great ride. Comfortable. All that it states it is.
Love that it folds. We bought 2 and since they fold they conveniently fit on our cargo carrier of our Class C RV so we can utilize around the RV Parks

Hannah Reed
love my new bike!

I can maintain a fast cruising speed almost continuously with minimal effort. IThe whole bike looks great and is quiet! No loud motors at all. The pedaling is intuitive too. And for the quality you get at price they’re selling it, it’s probably one of the best deals on the internet.